"Don't do your filing!  Marketing and sales are much more important for a small business owner.  Send your paperwork over to us.  We'll scan and index it and never again will you waste your time filing and looking for files."

"Using the eFILE-it filing service to scan your paperwork will not only make sure your desk is clean and clutter free, it will also allow you to gain your office space back."

"Filing paperwork is an essential activity if you want to have an efficient business.  But it's not an activity that directly brings the money in.  Sales and marketing are.  Spend your time on those to bring the real money in, and let us do the filing for you."
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" The eFILE-IT system helped me get more organised, with not so much paper cluttering up the

Craig Bunday MD
100AD Packaging
"We Strongly recommend eFILE-it. Everything is clear and concise and above all saves space.".

Alan Myson
CSM Carpets and Flooring Ltd

efile-it reached the finals of the BCS awards

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Introducing eFILE-it: the web based document management and filing service

eFILE-it is an online monthly scanning service starting from £25 a month, allowing you to access your scanned documents online from your own secure area.

Small Business owners

Do you have no time to clear your desk? Do you waste time looking for documents? No time to do the filing? Take a look at eFILE-it and start reaping the benefits of a paperless office immediately. We can also OCR your documents as part of our scanning service.

eFILE-it: the online filing service


Are you thinking of outsourcing your work to Asia? Already doing it?

Document scanning is a key part of this process. You will need top quality images to ensure all documents are clear and easy to read for fast and accurate data entry, bookkeeping and/or production of accounts.

Document scanning and outsourcing to India : Why should you?

eFILE-it is Papershrink's brand new service, offered alongside our exisiting archive. document scanning service.

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